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Radon Testing and Mitigation for Rapid City and the Black Hills area

Make sure your home has clean, healthy air. Identify the level of radon in your home with a simple two day test. Radon testing is affordable, quick and easy.
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About Home Air Technologies

We are a certified radon reduction (mitigation) contractor and tester. Our services include testing radon levels in your home, reducing the levels through mitigation and maintaining and monitoring the equipment.We cover Rapid City, the Black Hills and western South Dakota.

Radon Risks

EPA Assessment

Radon is a cancer-causing Radioactive gas. You can’t see smell or taste radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA and contributes to an estimated 21,000 deaths a year.

Why Test?

The EPA recommends that all homes should be tested. 1 out of 15 houses in the United States is estimated to have elevated radon levels (above 4 pCi/L or more). Homes next to each other can have significantly different radon levels. Learn more the dangers of radon from the EPA.

Has your family been protected?

A qualified radon contractor will provide a wide variety of radon abatement options. If radon is detected I will help the owner of the property consider which on is right for their needs. This may include a simple system that helps vent the gas from the basement of the structure.

Radon Reduction Works

Radon reduction systems work. Some systems can reduce radon levels by up to 99%. Most homes can be fixed for about the same cost as other common homes repairs. Has your home been tested?

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Get a FREE, no obligation price quote

Radon Inspection, Testing and Mitigation

Make sure your home has clean healthy air

Testing is affordable, quick and non-invasive. A simple two day test can identify the level of radon in your home. My state-of-the-art testing equipment is accurate and dependable. We use a CRM device that can detect any abnormal swings during the test period. An accurate and detailed report is provided when testing is finished.

We fix radon problems fast!

The radon mitigation strategy may also include a more elaborate system that requires the installation  of various kinds of fans and other mechanical systems that work together to make sure that the goal of radon remediation is accomplished. Some situations may only require sealing or passive radon mitigation techniques because the gas levels are below the EPA’s action level. In these cases basic foundation maintenance is sufficient. The owner will need to consider the various kind of radon mitigation options.

Services include

  • Radon inspection
  • Short/Long term testing
  • Detailed reports
  • Radon mitigation system installation
  • Annual evaluations/inspections
  • Insured


Testing - $100
Mitigation - depends on extent of labor

If mitigation is required, we will sit down with you and discuss what your options are. Cost is variable depending on the travel and extent of the mitigation.

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What our Customer are Saying

I have used and referred Home Air Technologies for radon mitigation services multiple times. Alan has always done a professional job. He honors his estimates, shows up when he says he will, cleans up after completion of the job and stands behind his work. I highly recommend Alan for any radon services.
Gene Hensley • RE/MAX Results
I would like to recommend Alan Swanson, Home Air Technologies, to install radon mitigation systems in homes that have radon levels that exceed EPA guidelines. Alan does the installation for a lower price than our other bidders, gets the job done within a few days of learning he has the job, and the results are always under the recommended levels. He has done my last three  mitigations jobs, and others prior to this, with 100% satisfaction to the Realtors and the homeowners. He will be doing another one for us in a few days. Alan is qualified to do other projects, including refinishing hardwood flooring, as well as radon mitigation.
Kathy Sundby • Owner/Broker, Sun Real Estate
Very informative and thorough! The system is monitored so I don’t have to worry if it is functioning properly.
Stu Mehlhaff
Not only does my new mitigation system reduce the dangerous radon levels, it also gives added value to my home.
Donovan Broberg